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15 - 20 septembre 2013 - Granada, Spain.

Fecha de inicio 15/09/2013 Inicio    Fin  
Sede Granada, EspañaLocalidadGranadaEspaña

Dietética y nutriciónMédicos: Dietética y nutrición - Nutrición
CongresoTipo: Congreso
InternacionalÁmbito/Alcance: Internacional
Granada, EspañaVer en el mapaGranada

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Joining Cultures through Nutrition
Dear colleagues and friends,
My name is Angel Gil. I am Full Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Granada, Spain, and Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Nutrition (SEN).
I have been appointed by the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) to organize the 20th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) in Spain. The Congress will be held in Granada one of the most important and historical cities in the world, located in the south of Spain in the region of Andalucía.
On behalf of the SEN and the International IUNS I would like to invite you to come to Granada on 15-20th September 2013 and enjoy the scientific and cultural activities we are currently designing and developing.
Granada has been chosen to host the 20th ICN for different reasons:

-Firstly, Granada, through its history has been open to different cultures, people and beliefs. The relationship between Spain and Latin America was born in Granada, when Cristobal Colombo obtained the permission by the Catholic Monarchs in 1.492 to go to discover new worlds (America).
Historically, Granada is also the last redoubt of Islam in Western Europe, the Alhambra and the Generalife being clear samples of the splendour of the Mozarabic civilisation. In the old quarter of the town, the Albayzin, you can walk on its cobbled streets, and listen to the murmur of water running in fountains and springs, vibrating under the brilliant Andalusia sky, still retain the essence of the past centuries of their Moorish, Christian and Jewish old cultures.
-Secondly, Granada has been chosen, because of its prestigious University, one of the oldest in Spain, founded in 1531, on the Emperor Charles V¥s initiative. With 470 years of tradition, nowadays more than 60,000 students, of which about 14,000 are foreigners, are attending their classes. This University has become the economic and cultural hub of Granadaís daily life. It is considered one of the foremost higher education institutions in Spain with a vast tradition in Health Sciences. The new Health Campus represents the commitment of Andalucian and Universitary authorities to promote and develop Food and Nutritional Sciences within a context of scientific excellence.
-Furthermore, Granada is a historic and world renowned city for its beauty and culture. The Alhambra is a masterpiece of the nazari arquitecture. Magnificent arches, marble columns, capitals and mocarabs in palace rooms generate impressive views full of colour and light. The Generalife gardens represent the prototype of what we call a ìCarmenî: a house for recreation and scattering. The Generalife is a world of fantasies, in which arrayanes (myrthus), ìalbercasî, roses, orange blossom and fountains are mixed creating a special atmosphere and a fascination status.
Besides the famous Alhambra, that you canít miss to visit, Granada also has a significant number of Arabic, gothic, renaissance and baroque monuments, namely the Royal Chapel, the Cathedral and the Chartreuse, as well as countless palaces, traditional houses, unexpected corners and courtyards, together with attractive squares where visitors can sit and pass the time peacefully contemplating the views around them. The Royal Chapelle, close to The Cathedral another splendid monument, is a magnificent building in gothic style in which you can see the tombs of the Catholic Kings as well as one of the most sophisticated museums of Middle Age fine arts.
-The venue is another important point taking into account in our Congress. The Granada Conference and Exhibition Centre is one of the most modern and best equipped in Europe. The Centre has a number of advantages, such as the latest technology and computer-controlled installations in all the spaces. It is built on six stories and has two main auditoriums, named Gracia Lorca and Manuel de Falla, with a capacity up to 2.000 and 500 seats each, and up to nine rooms of for scientific sessions with adjustable capacity from 200 to 600 seats, and 22 break-out, workshop and seminar rooms. A large exhibition hall is available for commercial exhibitions and scientific poster sessions. There are also excellent restaurant facilities and two coffee bars; catering may be organised in different parts of the Centre, e.g.: on the roof terrace, taking advantage of the splendid with views across the city and Sierra Nevada.
-Granada hotel accommodation can boast the highest standards. A total of 15,000 hotel beds are currently available in Granada, most of them within walking distance from the Conference Centre offering all category services in brand new establishments. Accommodation can also be provided in student halls and residences.
The Airports of Granada (14 minutes from the city centre), and Malaga (the third busiest airport in Spain, 1 hour from Granada serve with several daily low cost and regular flights from and to Madrid, Barcelona as well as all major national and international destinations. -It is very important to highlight that Granada has a modern network of motorways and freeway roads, and it is connected by high speed trains with most of the national and international capital cities.
Concerning the scientific activities we have considered a 5 days congress from the 15th to the 20th of September, 2013, which will include seven plenary lectures, two debate sessions, eight main parallel Symposia dedicated to major Food and Nutrition topics, with an estimated number of 50 Symposia, two Focus Symposium on Nutritional problem of Iberoamerica and Mediterranean regions and two sessions of poster discussions. In addition, two days Pre-Congress Satellite Symposia will be organised.
An increasing number of the European citizens are immigrants from Africa, Latin-America or Eastern European origin. Many of them try to continue with their own feeding and lifestyle habits, but at the same time they need to be incorporated to the culture of the host countries. Thus, we have selected the slogan for the ICN 2013 as “Joining Cultures through Nutrition”
-Because of Granada ideal location, partially surrounded by Sierra Nevada and open to a large valley, just an hour from the coast, the city can offer its visitors a wide variety of additional pleasures, such as skiing, golf and walking or an hour away, swimming, sunbathing and eating fresh fish on the beach.
Apart from these enjoyable suggestions, those conference participants who plan to extend their stay and get to know more about of this bright autonomous region of Spain are within easy reach of other delightful cities such as Seville, Cordoba and Ronda, among others.
Therefore, our main goal it is from now on to offer to all of you a great, modern and attractive Congress joining different cultures, traditions and knowledge throughout the new aspects of the Nutrition development all around the world.
I appreciate very much your attention and I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you in Granada.
Thanks a lot to all of you and enjoy the video we have prepared specially for this occasion about, Granada, Andalucía and Spain!!!
See you in Granada¡
Prof Angel Gil

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